Nylon Pipe

Manufactured to AS/NZS 2944.1

At PCA, our commitment to using only the highest standard of raw materials and the latest manufacturing technology has established PCA with a reputation as a quality supplier of Nylon polyamide (PA) pipes, following the AS/NZS 2944.1 standard for Plastics pipes and fittings for gas reticulation – Polyamide pipes stringently. Our pipes can be used for natural, manufactured, and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as well as mixtures of LPG and air. They are available in sizes of either 18mm and 32mm, and the lengths of our pipes typically range from 6m lengths to 300m coils, with other customer requirements ready to be manufactured.

Available Sizes

Diameter (mm) Configurations (m)
18 150m coils
32 6m lengths, 12m lengths, 300m coils
50 6m coils
75 6m coils
110 6m coils

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